Rotate NSX-T Certificates for Kubernetes Clusters

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This topic describes how to list and rotate TLS certificates for Kubernetes clusters provisioned by Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition.

About NSX-T Certificate Rotation for Kubernetes Clusters Provisioned by TKGI

You can use the TKGI CLI to rotate the certificates for the NSX-T load balancer and the certificate for the NSX-T Principal Identity for the NSX Manager for the specified Kubernetes cluster provisioned by TKGI. To rotate other cluster certificates using the TKGI CLI, see Rotate Kubernetes Cluster Certificates.

WARNING: During NSX-T TLS certificate rotation, the system will update the Principal Identity certificate to access the NSX Manager API (for the specified TKGI cluster instance). The rotation process will impact network related operations (for the specified TKGI cluster instance), but there should be no impact for existing cluster workloads.

List TLS Certificates

To list the TLS certificates used by TKGI-provisioned Kubernetes cluster, run the following command:

tkgi certificates <ClusterName> -d <number of days>

For example:

tkgi certificates tkgi-cluster-01 -d 10000

The sample output lists all TLS certificates that TKGI uses for the specified cluster. Currently only the tls-nsx-lb and the tls-nsx-t certificates can be rotated.

NAME                                                                                            Type  Days Left  Valid until
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-nsx-lb                        Leaf  1803       2025-12-14T06:47:46Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-nsx-kube-proxy-2018           Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:41Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-ncp-2018                      Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:41Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-nsx-t                         Leaf  708        2022-12-15T06:47:40Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-kube-controller-manager-2018  Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:40Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-metrics-server-2018           Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:39Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-etcdctl-flanneld-2018-2       Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:39Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-etcdctl-root-2018-2           Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:38Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-etcdctl-2018-2                Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:37Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-etcd-2018-2                   Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:36Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-kubelet-client-2018           Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:36Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-kubelet-2018                  Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:35Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/etcd_ca_2018                      Root  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:35Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/tls-kubernetes-2018               Leaf  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:34Z
/p-bosh/service-instance_62e2a43a-dc2a-47a8-a361-3911589e60aa/kubo_ca_2018                      Root  1439       2024-12-15T06:47:34Z

Rotate TLS Certificates

To rotate supported TLS certificates run the following command:

tkgi rotate-certs | rotate-certificates <ClusterName> [flags]


      --all               Rotate all certs, not implemented yet, will be available in future releases.
  -h, --help              help for rotate-certs
      --json              Return the PKS-API output as json
      --non-interactive   Don't ask for user input
      --only-nsx          Rotate the tls-nsx-lb and tls-nsx-t certificates.
      --wait              Wait for the operation to finish

For example:

tkgi rotate-certs <ClusterName> --only-nsx

You are about to rotate nsx related certificates for cluster <ClusterName>. This operation requires bosh deployment, and will take a significant time. Are you sure you want to continue? (y/n):

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