Publish and Update

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This topic provides resources to help you publish and update your service tile for Ops Manager.

Publish Your Tile

The Partner Software Product Release Cycle explains how VMware works with partners to release VMware Tanzu products, from the private alpha and closed beta phases, to general availability and publication on VMware Tanzu Network.

After you’ve packaged your product’s BOSH releases, stemcell, metadata, and other tile components into a single zipped download file, post it to VMware Tanzu Network in one of two ways:

  • Use the VMware Tanzu Network API command POST /api/v2/products/:product_slug/product_files.
  • Use the VMware Tanzu Network product upload form. VMware Tanzu Network Upload GUI

Update Your Tile

Most tile updates originate with the tile developer, but new releases of Ops Manager can also necessitate tile changes to maintain compatibility with the current version of the platform.