Pivotal Platform Services SDK

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Dynamic Provisioning, Metrics, and Backups

The Pivotal Platform Services SDK is designed to help you build enterprise-ready service offerings for the Marketplace. The SDK includes the following components:

  • The On Demand Service Broker enables dynamic provisioning of your service using BOSH 2.0.

  • Service Metrics for Pivotal Platform integrates your service into the Pivotal Platform Logging and Metrics system, empowering platform operators to gain immediate insight into system health based on live service metrics.

  • Service Backups for Pivotal Platform runs regular backups for your service, triggering and uploading backup artifacts to a range of destinations, including S3 and Azure.

Active Pivotal partners and customers can use the Pivotal Platform Services SDK by agreeing to the Pivotal SDK EULA when downloading the products on https://network.pivotal.io/.