Pivotal Platform v2.8 Partners Release Notes

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This topic describes the changes that Pivotal Platform v2.8 introduces which might be relevant to partner service tiles.

For information about changes introduced in Ops Manager v2.8, see Pivotal Platform Ops Manager v2.8 Release Notes. For information about breaking changes introduced in Pivotal Application Services v2.8, see Pivotal Platform v2.8 Breaking Changes.


New features and changes in this release:

HTTP Install-Time Verifier

Tile authors can define an HttpSuccessVerifier install-time verifier that calls an HTTP endpoint on the broker.

Ops Manager executes this verifier after you click Apply Changes. If the HTTP response is not successful, the deployment fails and the verifier displays a warning message.

Tile authors can use this verifier to check if all service instances on an existing broker are on the current version. This prevents service instances from becoming orphaned after an upgrade. Tile authors can also specify that the verifier should only run on major or minor upgrades.

Resolved Issues

This release fixes the following issue:

  • In Ops Manager v2.8.2 and later, tiles that are declared under requires_product_versions can successfully deploy even when product_version contains a build number.

Known Issues

Known issues in this release that may affect tile development for partners:

Non-Configurable Certificates Are Invalid Within a Selector

An rsa_cert_credentials property with configurable: false is invalid within a selector property.

The tile does not raise any validation errors, but the following error appears during the pre-deploy check:

  "pre_deploy_check": {
    "properties": [
        "name": ".properties.EXAMPLE-CERT-PROPERTY",
        "type": "rsa_cert_credentials",
        "errors": [
          "can't be blank",
          "can't be blank"

Where EXAMPLE-CERT-PROPERTY is the property you specify.