Pivotal Platform v2.7 Partners Release Notes

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This topic describes the changes that Pivotal Platform v2.7 introduces which might be relevant to partner service tiles.

For information about changes introduced in Ops Manager v2.7, see Pivotal Platform Ops Manager v2.7 Release Notes. For information about breaking changes introduced in Pivotal Application Services v2.7, see Pivotal Platform v2.7 Breaking Changes.


New features and changes in this release:

Consul Server Instance Removed from PAS

The consul server instance is removed from PAS. This saves VM resources and reduces maintenance for managing a clustered component.

In PAS v2.4, the instance count for consul server VMs was scaled down to zero. This allowed the consul server to continue to provide the consul link for tiles that consume it. In PAS v2.7, the consul server instance is removed from PAS.

For information about breaking changes caused by the removal of the consul server instance, see Consul Clients Not Supported in PAS.

Support for Upgrading Service Instances

PAS v2.7 includes CAPI v1.83.0, which supports upgrading service instances to the latest version of a service plan. This is an optional feature that service authors can implement.

App developers can check the upgrade available column in the output of the cf services command to see if a service broker supports upgrades. For more information, see Upgrade a Service Instance.

If you are a service author and want to enable this feature, see Updating a Service Instance in the Open Service Broker API Specification.

BOSH Jobs Can Run on Different Stemcells

Tile authors can specify the stemcell a BOSH job uses with the use_stemcell property. When use_stemcell is specified for a job, Ops Manager uploads this stemcell to BOSH and BOSH deploys the given instance group on the specified stemcell.

Tile authors can use this property to enable jobs to run on different operating systems. For example, a tile authors can configure one job to run on Linux and configure a different job to run on Windows.

For more information, see use_stemcell.

Product Template Property Improvements

The product template has the following improvements:

  • vcenter_credentials: Tile authors can use the vcenter_credentials type of install_time_verifiers property to verify vSphere simple_credentials. For information about the vSphere form verifier, see install_time_verifiers.

  • must_be_cron_schedule: Tile authors can use the constraints.must_be_cron_schedule attribute of the string property blueprint type to verify that form input is a valid cron expression. For information about the string blueprint type, see string.

Resolved Issues

This release fixes the following issues:

  • The Ops Manager syslog template now supports service broker tiles.
  • In Ops Manager v2.7.19 and later, tiles that are declared under requires_product_versions can successfully deploy even when product_version contains a build number.

Breaking Changes

This release has the following breaking changes:

Username and Password Properties Removed from vSphere Form Verifiers

The vcenter_username and vcenter_password properties have been removed from the vSphere form verifier.

If tile authors added Verifiers::VsphereConfigurationVerifier to their tile, they must replace the vcenter_username and vcenter_password properties with the vcenter_credentials property. If tile authors do not replace the username and password properties, the vSphere form verifier fails and prevents deployment.

For information about vSphere form verifiers, see install_time_verifiers.

Consul Clients Not Supported in PAS

The consul server instance is removed from PAS. Tiledev authors must remove any consul clients from their products to avoid failed deployments.

To remove consul clients from your products, make the following changes to any job_type that is colocated with consul_agent:

- name: consul_agent
    release: consul
    manifest: |
          enabled: "(( $ops_manager.dns_enabled ? false : true ))"

For more information about removing consul clients from your products, see Tile Authors Must Remove consul_agent in the PCF v2.4 Partner Release Notes.

Known Issues

Known issues in this release that may affect tile development for partners:

Non-Configurable Certificates Are Invalid Within a Selector

An rsa_cert_credentials property with configurable: false is invalid within a selector property.

The tile does not raise any validation errors, but the following error appears during the pre-deploy check:

  "pre_deploy_check": {
    "properties": [
        "name": ".properties.EXAMPLE-CERT-PROPERTY",
        "type": "rsa_cert_credentials",
        "errors": [
          "can't be blank",
          "can't be blank"

Where EXAMPLE-CERT-PROPERTY is the property you specify.