PCF v2.6 Partners Release Notes

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This topic describes the changes that Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) v2.6 introduces which might be relevant to partner service tiles.

For information about changes introduced in Ops Manager v2.6, see PCF Ops Manager v2.6 Release Notes. For information about breaking changes introduced in Pivotal Application Services v2.6, see PCF v2.6 Breaking Changes.


New features and changes in this release:

Tile Authors Can Implement a Form Verifier to Confirm vSphere Properties

A PCF operator configuring a product tile on a vSphere deployment must configure vSphere properties. Incorrect configuration can cause deployment failures, and can be difficult to troubleshoot effectively.

Tile authors can implement an optional form verifier that notifies operators when they have configured vSphere properties incorrectly.

For more information about this form verifier, see the install_time_verifiers.

Support for Multiple Stemcells

Tile authors can develop tiles that support multiple stemcells by using the additional_stemcells_criteria key to specify an array of additional stemcells.

Tile authors can then use the stemcell_selector property key to allow operators to choose a stemcell for the tile.

See Product Template Property Improvements below for more information.

Product Template Property Improvements

The product template has the following improvements:

  • Verifiers::VsphereConfigurationVerifier: Tile authors can use an install_time_verifier to validate vSphere configuration before changes are applied in Ops Manager. See install_time_verifiers for more information.

  • additional_stemcells_criteria: Tile authors can use the stemcell_selector property to select criteria for stemcells beyond those configured with stemcell_criteria. Tile developers can continue to specify enable_patch_security_updates for any additional stemcells. See additional_stemcells_criteria and stemcell_selector for more information.

Pivotal Application Service Tile Property Changes

Properties in the Pivotal Application Service (PAS) v2.6 tile have changed. Tile developers must change any (( ..cf.PROPERTY.NAME )) calls accordingly if their tiles access PAS property values.

The following tables list the properties that Pivotal removed and added in PAS v2.6:

Removed Properties
Added Properties

Known Issues

This release has the following issues:

Simple Credentials Not Yet Supported for vSphere Verifiers

The simple_credentials property is not yet supported for Verifiers::VsphereConfigurationVerifier.

For more information about vSphere verifiers, see Tile Developers Can Implement a Form Verifier to Confirm vSphere Properties in this release note.

Ops Manager Syslog Template Is Not Supported for Service Broker Tiles

Ops Manager syslog template does not propagate to service broker tiles. Tile developers with service broker tiles should continue to use their own syslog configurations. Service broker tiles with the syslog template configured do not display the syslog template.

For more information about the Syslog template, see Syslog Form Template Available for Tile Authors.

Breaking Changes

There are currently no known breaking changes in this release.