PCF v2.5 Partners Release Notice

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Warning: Pivotal Operations Manager v2.5 is no longer supported because it has reached the End of General Support (EOGS) phase as defined by the Support Lifecycle Policy. To stay up to date with the latest software and security updates, upgrade to a supported version.

This topic describes the changes that Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) v2.5 introduces which might be relevant to partner service tiles.

For information about changes introduced in Ops Manager v2.5, see PCF Ops Manager v2.5 Release Notes. For information about breaking changes introduced in Pivotal Application Services v2.5, see PCF v2.5 Breaking Changes.


New features and changes in this release:

Tile Authors Can Migrate Syslog Forms

Tile authors with an existing syslog form can migrate their syslog parameters to a syslog form template. For more about migrating an existing form to the Ops Manager provided syslog form, see Migrating Existing Syslog Configuration to Ops Manager.

For information about the syslog form template, see Syslog Form Template Available for Tile Authors.

Product Template Property Improvements

The product template has the following improvements:

  • restricted_view_api_access_credentials: Tile authors can use (($ops_manager.restricted_view_api_access_credentials)) as a double-parentheses accessor to make read-only and non-credential requests to Ops Manager. See Dollar Contexts.

  • instance_types_catalog: Tile authors can use (($ops_manager.instance_types_catalog)) as a double-parentheses accessor to access a catalog of available VM types with the accessor. See Dollar Contexts.

  • ((cpu)): Tile authors can use ((cpu)) as a double-parentheses job accessor to add the CPU value in a manifest. See manifest.

  • impact_warning: Tile authors can add user-facing warnings that display before a pre-delete or post-deploy errand runs. To specify a warning, add the impact_warning key to the pre_delete_errands or post_deploy_errands sections of the tile metadata. See Define a Colocated Errand.

Pivotal Application Service Tile Property Changes

Properties in the Pivotal Application Service (PAS) v2.5 tile have changed. Tile developers must change any (( ..cf.PROPERTY.NAME )) calls accordingly if their tiles access PAS property values.

The following tables list the properties that Pivotal removed and added in PAS v2.5:

Removed Properties
Added Properties

Known Issues

This release has the following issues:

Ops Manager Syslog Template Is Not Supported for Service Broker Tiles

Ops Manager syslog template does not propagate to service broker tiles. Tile developers with service broker tiles should continue to use their own syslog configurations. Service broker tiles with the syslog template configured do not display the syslog template.

For more information about the Syslog template, see Syslog Form Template Available for Tile Authors.

Breaking Changes

This release has the following breaking changes:

Tile Authors Must Use Xenial Stemcells

Canonical will end support for Ubuntu Trusty Tahr on April 30th, 2019 and security fixes will no longer be backported. In PCF v2.5, Trusty stemcells are not supported. Tile authors should immediately start testing with the Xenial stemcells and fix any compatibility issues.

For more information, see Tile Authors Must Use Xenial Stemcells.

PAS Only Supports cflinuxfs3

In PAS v2.5, cflinuxfs3 is the only supported stack and the cflinuxfs2 stack is not included. If you are using the cflinuxfs2 stack, you must migrate your app to cflinuxfs3 before upgrading to PAS v2.5.

For more information, see Tile Authors Must Manually Migrate Apps to cflinuxfs3.

Tile Authors Must Remove consul_agent

If your tile includes consul clients, you must remove consul clients from your product.

This is because the consul server no longer exists. The consul client expects the consul server to be present until their links are updated. If your tile includes consul clients, deployments fail to deploy. This can cause extra error logging and unhealthy instances.

Take the following actions according to which PCF versions your tile supports:

  • If your tile only supports PCF v2.2 and earlier, do not remove consul agents.

  • If your tile only supports PCF v2.3 or later, you must remove consul agents completely from your tile.

  • If your tile supports multiple versions, including PCF v2.2 (where consul agents cannot be removed) and PCF v2.3 (where consul agents must be removed) make the following changes to any job_type that is colocated with consul_agent:

    - name: consul_agent
        release: consul
        manifest: |
              enabled: "(( $ops_manager.dns_enabled ? false : true ))"

Removed Logging System Property

PAS v2.5 removes the Syslog Drain Buffer Size checkbox from the Logging System pane of the PAS tile. This field corresponds to a deprecated property that does not have any affect on the logging system when configured.

It also removes the corresponding property, doppler.message_drain_buffer_size. If you have scripts that reference this property, they might break.

Removed Log Cache Property

PAS v2.4 removed the Enable log-cache checkbox from the Advanced Features section of the PAS tile.

PAS v2.5 removes the corresponding property, enable_log_cache. If you have scripts that reference this property, they might break.

Removed Option to Override Deployment Name to CF

PAS v2.4 introduced the use of cf-GUID as the value for the deployment in metrics. For more information, see Uniquely Identify Metrics by Tile.

PAS v2.4 also included the option to override this value back to cf, which was used in previous versions. However, PAS v2.5 removes this override option.

To upgrade successfully, Use “cf” as deployment name in emitted metrics instead of unique name in the Advanced Features pane of the PAS tile must be deselected.

If you have scripts that use metrics with cf as the value for deployment, they might break when upgrading to PAS v2.5.

If you have PCF Healthwatch installed and you changed the value of Use “cf” as deployment name in emitted metrics instead of unique name in PAS, you must run the Push Monitoring Components errand for PCF Healthwatch to detect the change.

Removed Unused Apps Manager UAA Client and Property

PAS v2.5 removes an unused Apps Manager UAA client identified as portal and an unused refresh token property uaa.apps_manager_refresh_token_lifetime.

If you have platform automation scripts that reference these properties, they might break.

Removed Traffic Controller Container Metrics Endpoint

PAS v2.5 removes the Traffic Controller containermetrics/app-guid endpoint. If you have scripts that reference this endpoint, they might break.

The containermetrics/app-guid endpoint provided access to container metrics from Traffic Controller for a specific app. In PAS v2.5, you can access container metrics through Log Cache. Log Cache includes API endpoints and a CLI plugin to query and filter logs and metrics.

To download the Log Cache Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) plugin, see log-cache in the cf CLI Plugins documentation. For information about using the Log Cache API, see log-cache on GitHub.

Removed dns_servers Property Breaks

PAS v2.4 removed DNS Servers from the PAS UI. PAS v2.5 removes the corresponding dns_servers property. If this parameter is configured in your tiles, platform automation scripts might break.