PCF Tile Developers Guide v2.0

Tile Development Workflow

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The topics in this section explain the high-level sequence of steps that Pivotal recommends for developing a service tile.

  • Services Integration Overview diagrams and explains the staged service integration process at the highest level, from learning how tiles work and deciding on the scope of an integration effort to publishing, documenting, and maintaining your finished service tile.

  • Levels of Integration describes the different levels that a service can integrate with PCF, from user-provided, external services that have no PCF tile to on-demand, tile-installed services that run entirely on PCF. The Pivotal-recommended, staged tile development process runs through each of these, creating a working service integration at each level.

  • Development Steps at Each Integration Level explains how to use Tile Generator and other tools to develop your tile at each level of integration. The steps progress from creating and testing individual tile components on a local development machine to deploying and testing a finished tile on a full PCF installation.

This chart shows a typical PCF tile development workflow. The Services Integration Overview topic explains each step in greater detail:

Tile Development Workflow

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