PCF Tile Developers Guide v2.0


This topic explains how to use Concourse continuous integration (CI) to help develop and integrate apps for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).


PCF is a fast moving platform as we are constantly extending and enhancing it. When you integrate your software with PCF, you should make sure that your integration continues to work with every new release of the platform. One way to ensure that is to set up a CI pipeline for your tile against a PCF deployment that is constantly updated with the latest Alpha release of the platform.

Our tool of choice for setting up CI is concourse. While you are of course free to use whatever system you are familiar with, our tools and documentation are built to make concourse CI as easy as possible.

Set Up a Concourse Server

You will need a concourse server to host your pipeline. If you partner with us, we have servers that can host your pipeline, and S3 storage that can be used to transfer artifacts to and from your servers. If you choose to set up your own, instructions can be found here:

Create a Concourse Pipeline for Your Tile

A typical CI pipeline for a tile consists of the following jobs:

  • Build the tile
  • Deploy it to PCF
  • Run a set of deployment tests to verify that it deployed and works correctly
  • Remove it from PCF

You describe this pipeline in a pipeline.yml file that is then uploaded to the concourse server. Tile Generator contains a sample pipeline that you can clone for your own tile. We are working on automating the process of generating a pipeline template for you.

Set Up PCF for Your CI Pipeline

Pivotal partners who have us host their pipeline have access to a pool of PCF instances that are managed by us and are regularly updated with the latest (pre-)release versions of PCF. If you set up your own concourse server, you will have to target your pipeline at a PCF instance you have setup.

Concourse has a resource type to manage a pool of resources that are shared between pipelines, which is what we use to serialize PCF access between the partner pipelines that run on our concourse server.

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