PCF Tile Developers Guide v1.12

Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.10 Partners Release Notice

The Ops Manager v1.10 release does not introduce any breaking metadata changes for partner service tiles.

Test Your Tile on PCF v1.10

Pivotal recommends that you test your tiles against Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.10 to ensure full compatibility.

Default Errand Run Rules and New When Changed Rule

WARNING: As of Ops Manager v10.0.0, errands set to the When Changed rule do not always run when the tile has relevant changes. Instead of using When Changed, Pivotal recommends that tile developers leave the default run rule for errands as On and let operators use one-time rules to turn errands off and save deploy time.

In Ops Manager v1.9 and earlier, the checkboxes on a tile’s Errands pane defaulted to selected, to run all errands. Users deselected specific errands to save to save installation time. Ops Manager v1.8 added the same checkboxes to the Pending Changes list above the Apply changes button, to quick-pick errands to run during the next installation only.

Ops Manager v1.10 lets tile developers set defaults for whether each errand runs or not. It also adds a new When Changed option that frees users from having to keep track of installed versions to save installation time. The user can override the tile defaults in Ops Manager and, to accommodate the new option, the interface uses drop-down menus instead of checkboxes. For more information, see Managing Errands in Ops Manager.

Tile developers set default run rules for each errand in the errand’s job definition. Possible property values are:

  • on — Runs the errand; equivalent to selecting the checkbox pre-v1.10.
  • off — Does not run the errand; equivalent to unselecting the checkbox pre-v1.10.
  • when-changed — Runs the errand under the following conditions:
    • The errand instance group defined in the product manifest has changed since the last product installation, as with an upgrade.
    • The last product installation attempt did not succeed.

To apply these properties to an errand in the tile:

  • Post-deploy errands: Add a run_post_deploy_errand_default property set to on, off, or when-changed.
  • Pre-delete errands: Add a run_pre_delete_errand_default property set to on or off. You cannot set a pre-delete errand run rule to when-changed.

In the Ops Manager Errands pane, a drop-down menu for each errand shows the options as On, Off, When Changed, and a default option that appears as Default (On), Default (Off), and Default (When Changed). See Ops Manager Defaults and Tile Defaults for how this default option is determined whether or not the tile defines a default.

Under Pending Changes, in Ops Manager, above the Apply changes button on the Installation Dashboard, the four drop-down options for each errand show as On, Off, When Changed, and Default.

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