Pivotal Telemetry


Pivotal continuously strives to learn and measure results in order to put customer experience at the forefront of our product decisions. Data and continuous feedback loops shape the way Pivotal builds software and we believe that telemetry is one of the most efficient ways to create those feedback loops. With telemetry we hope to improve our products and services based on real-world usage.

Product Options

Pivotal offers 3 different ways to send telemetry.

Telemetry Tile
(for Ops Manager v2.8+)
Telemetry CLI
(for Ops Manager v2.7 and earlier)
Telemetry for PKS
(for all versions of PKS)
A tile included with Ops Manager v2.8 + that can be configured to send product usage and consumption data to Pivotal. A CLI that can be used to collect and send product usage and consumption data to Pivotal. It can be automated using Concourse or other automation tools. A configuration within the PKS tile that sends data about the PKS product to Pivotal.
View documentation for telemetry tile View documentation for telemetry CLI View documentation for telemetry for PKS

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about Pivotal Telemetry, contact the Pivotal Telemetry team at pivotal-telemetry-support@pivotal.io.