Installing Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes

This topic describes how to prepare dependencies and your local workstation to install Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes (TAS for Kubernetes).

Prepare Your Installation Resources

Download the TAS for Kubernetes installation resources from VMware Tanzu Network.

  1. Log in to VMware Tanzu Network.

  2. Navigate to VMware Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes on the VMware Tanzu Network.

  3. Download the “Tanzu Application Service” file to a local directory of your choice and rename it to tanzu-application-service.tar.

  4. Extract the contents of tanzu-application-service.tar into the tanzu-application-service directory:

    tar xvf tanzu-application-service.tar

Ensure Your Container Registry is Accessible

TAS for Kubernetes depends on a container image registry to store images for buildpack-based applications. Supported registries include Harbor, Google Container Registry (GCR), and Docker Hub.

If you are using Harbor as your container registry, ensure that it is deployed in your environment and is accessible at a domain name of your choice. The VMware Harbor Registry tile is one option to deploy it when using Ops Manager.

Configure TAS for Kubernetes to use your container registry when completing the procedures in Configuring Your App Image Registry and Configuring Your System Image Registry.

Select a System Domain Name

Decide on the DNS domain name you intend to use for the TAS for Kubernetes system domain, for example Neither this domain nor any of its subdomains should be in use for other services.

This domain name should be one for which you can create DNS records in a DNS zone. You will create these DNS records later in the installation procedure.

This documentation uses SYSTEM-DOMAIN to refer to the value of this system domain.

Next Steps

After you complete this procedure, proceed to Installing Command-Line Tools.