TAS for Kubernetes Release Notes

This topic contains release notes for Tanzu Application Service (TAS) for Kubernetes.


Release Date: April 14, 2020

Warning: VMware recommends Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes v0.1.0 only for evaluation environments due to its current feature, scale, and security limitations.


Key features in this release:

  • Supports building and running apps from source files through cf push using system-provided cloud-native buildpacks for Java, Go, NodeJS, and .NET Core.
  • Supports running apps packaged as Docker images.
  • Supports routing HTTP traffic to apps.
  • Supports retrieving logs from app-instance processes.
  • Supports retrieving logs from cloud-native buildpack builds.
  • Supports installation to Kubernetes clusters provisioned with VMware Enterprise PKS.
  • Uses the k14s toolchain (ytt, kbld, and kapp) for installation. For more information, see the k14s website.
  • Supports integration with VMware Harbor Registry, Google Container Registry, and DockerHub for storing app images.

Known Issues

This release has the following issues:

  • Apps can receive ingress traffic only through HTTP and not HTTPS.
  • Retrieving app and buildpack-staging logs with cf logs requires cf CLI v6.50.0 or later.
  • Buildpack-staging logs are not streamed during cf push.
  • App instance logs also include unfiltered logs from the Istio sidecar proxy process and can be noisy as a result.
  • Running cf restage fails to re-stage the app.
  • The cf buildpacks command shows an empty list of buildpacks.
  • Does not support cf CLI buildpack-administration commands.
  • App developers cannot select a buildpack for their buildpack-based apps.
  • Running buildpack-based apps requires the diego_docker feature flag to be set.
  • The TAS for Kubernetes ingress gateway service may interfere with traffic for other Kubernetes Services in the cluster.
  • TAS for Kubernetes cannot use the AWS Elastic Container Registry as its app image registry.
  • Does not support upgrading an existing TAS installation to a new version.
  • Does not support re-deploying TAS with different credentials.