Managing Apps and Services

This topic describes how to create and manage apps and services on Tanzu Application Service (TAS) for Kubernetes.

Warning: Consult the Known Issues section for details on limitations of the application developer experience.

Pushing an Application

One of the primary activities for developer users of Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes is to push an application to the platform. For more information, see the Pushing an App topic in the TAS documentation.

Provision and Bind Service Instances

Many apps running on TAS depend on external services such as databases or message queues. TAS allows developers to provision such services through its services marketplaces and to bind them to apps automatically. For more information about provisioning and binding services, see the Managing Service Instances with the cf CLI topic in the TAS documentation.

Perform a Rolling App Deployment

TAS for Kubernetes supports updating applications to a new version by gradual replacement of application instances, often called a rolling deployment. For more information about performing a rolling app deployment, see the Rolling App Deployments topic in the TAS documentation.