Service Metrics v1.5.5

Deploying a Release with Service Metrics

Add service metrics to your bosh manifest

The service metrics release provides a job called service_metrics that can be co-located with other bosh jobs to gather metrics from them.

The metron_agent job must accompany service_metrics to emit these metrics to the Cloud Foundry Loggregator.

Add service_metrics job

Add the service_metrics job to an instance group in your bosh manifest.

Configure the service_metrics job with the following properties:

Field Type Description Required Default Value
origin string the name of the service, so it can reference metrics originating from that service in the logs yes n/a
metrics_command string the command to generate the metrics no see Metrics command
metrics_command_args array of strings any args provided to metrics_command no []
execution_interval_seconds int how often the metric generation command runs no 60
debug boolean turn verbose mode on/off no false
monit_dependencies array of strings jobs that must run before monit attempts to start the service metrics job. This is a way to define job dependencies, which are not supported by BOSH. no []

Add metron_agent job

Co-locate the metron_agent job with the service_metrics job.

Configure the metron_agent job as appropriate for the version of Cloud Foundry Loggregator that you want to target.

Loggregator release provides a summary for how to configure metron_agent using the loggregator release.

The following example manifests show how to configure metron_agent for different versions of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF):

Metrics command

The default metrics_command is /var/vcap/jobs/service-metrics-adapter/bin/collect-service-metrics.

We recommend creating a service-metrics-adapter job in your service release that templates this script. The collect-service-metrics script can encapsulate any commands and arguments required to capture metrics, instead of using the metrics_command and metrics_command_args properties in the manifest.

If the metrics_command fails, for example if the [MY-SERVICE]-metrics binary exits with a non-zero exit code, the service-metrics job will not start, or will exit with 0 if it was already running. In this case, the BOSH instance shows as failing and monit will try to restart the service-metrics job.


Service metrics logs to files in /var/vcap/sys/log/service-metrics, and also to syslog.

For forwarding syslog to a third party syslog drain (e.g. Papertrail) we recommend co-locating the syslog-release.

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