Service Backup Release Notes


New Features

  • Optionally specifiy add_deployment_name_to_backup_path.
    • If set true will include deployment name in destination path.
  • Use Golang 1.8.3 in the BOSH Release [18.1.2]
  • Release distributed with SHA2 checksums only [18.1.4]
  • Use Golang 1.8.4 in the BOSH Release [18.1.6]
  • Use Golang 1.10 in the BOSH Release [18.1.10]

Breaking Changes

  • None

Issues Resolved

  • Service backup now will create a new S3 bucket even if endpoint_url is empty string.
  • Document service-alerts in the BOSH release spec.
  • When co-locating syslog-migration-release or syslog-release there would be duplicate log entries, as service-backup was also writing it’s logs to syslog. Now ODB only writes it’s logs to /var/vcap/sys/log, and anything syslog related is handled by syslog-release or syslog-migration-release. [18.1.2]
  • Log files in /var/vcap/sys/log/service-backup/* are no longer truncated when the service-backup process restarts via Monit. We reccomend using syslog-migration-release to ensure logs are not lost. [18.1.3]
  • Service backup now sends a SIGTERM to any running backup_executable when shutting down. This ensure BOSH can perform lifecycle operations without issue. [18.1.4]
  • Service backup uses Python 3.6.2, resolves CVEs 159694, 159705, 160254 [18.1.5]
  • Now using Python 2.7.13 that resolves CVE-2008-4108, CVE-2013-7040, CVE-2014-4616 [18.1.7]
  • Fixes bug with timeout when trying to stop a service-backup process when a backup is in progress [18.1.8]
  • Deleting a deployment with service-backup would fail if the service-backup job was in a stopped state [18.1.9]
  • Output an error when uploading a backup to Azure fails [18.1.10]
  • Update blobxfer to version 1.0.0 [18.1.10]
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