On-Demand Services SDK Release Notes

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Release Date: February 12, 2020


New features and changes in this release:

  • Updated the BOSH CLI. For more information, see the GitHub repository.
  • Updated pkg yaml from v2.2.7 to v2.2.8. For more information, see the GoDoc documentation.
  • Updated pkg errors from v0.8.1 to v0.9.1. For more information, see the GitHub repository.
  • Updated Go to v1.13.6
  • Operators can now enable their brokers to collect telemetry. For more information, see Enable Telemetry.

Resolved Issues

This release has the following fixes:

  • Binding operation accepts empty credentials from the adapter when secure binding is enabled. If the adapter returns empty credentials, ODB attempts to store them in CredHub. The platform is still responsible for deciding if the binding is valid.
  • For operations that require the broker to check that there are no BOSH tasks in progress, the broker now requests only current tasks from BOSH – processing, queued, and cancelling – rather than all the tasks. This prevents excessively long broker HTTP requests when there is a large number of tasks for the deployment.

Known Issues.

There are no known issues for this release.


This release has the following dependency:

Dependency Version
golang 1.13.6

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