On-Demand Services SDK Release Notes

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Release Date: June 7, 2019

Breaking Change: Before you upgrade to the On-Demand Services SDK v0.30, see the table below for breaking changes related to the bpm.
For more information, see About ODB and BOSH Process Manager (bpm).

Broker management errands are co-located with the broker? Upgrading from ODB… Action to prevent breaking change on upgrade…
No v0.26 or earlier Include the bpm release in the broker job and each errand job
No v0.27 or later Include the bpm release in each errand job
Yes v0.26 or earlier Include the bpm release in the broker job
Yes v0.27 or later No action required


New feature in this release:

  • Previously, the broker binary started using BOSH Process Manager (bpm) for better job isolation and security. This release introduces bpm for all of the broker errands. For more information, see bpm in the BOSH documentation.

Known Issues

This release has the following issue:

  • Contacting the BOSH Director links API many times in parallel can cause some requests to fail during operations such as bind and unbind.

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