On-Demand Services SDK Release Notes

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Release Date: September 18, 2018

Breaking Change: The on-demand broker (ODB) now passes an extra argument to the delete-binding subcommand. For SDK users, the DeleteBinding method now receives secrets as a new argument. The minimum change required is to update the function definition. For more information, see The ODB supports Secure Manifests below.


New features and changes in this release:

  • The ODB supports secure manifests.

    • Service Adapters can avoid using plaintext secrets in manifests by passing these to the ODB to store in BOSH CredHub or by using the BOSH variables block.
    • All service instance secrets are provided in the CreateBinding and DeleteBinding calls.
    • When implementing this feature, see Access Manifest Secrets at Bind Time and create-binding.
  • Service authors can use BOSH DNS names to generate certificates at deploy time. For instructions, see the BOSH documentation.

    • The On-Demand Services SDK supports the new BOSH manifest properties for custom certificate generation.
    • The ODB parses custom_provider_definitions inside jobs, and consumes inside variables.
  • The previously released binding_with_dns feature requires a BOSH version later than v266.11.0 or v267.5.0. This is due to a problem with how earlier versions of BOSH apply permissions for links. Thank you to the Redis tile and BOSH teams for raising and fixing this issue.

  • Upgrades golang to v1.11.0

  • You can use Xenial stemcells with the ODB. If using a Xenial stemcell in a tile, you must also update any BOSH add-ons. For more information, see Update Add-ons to Run with Xenial Stemcell.

Known Issue

This release has the following issue:

  • Contacting the BOSH Director links API many times in parallel can cause some requests to fail during operations such as bind and unbind.

Minimum Version Requirements

The minimum version requirements of BOSH and Cloud Foundry for this release:

  • BOSH v266.12.0 or v267.6.0 and later
  • Cloud Foundry v238 and later