Installing Flo

This topic provides instructions for installing Flo for Spring XD.

  1. Install or update to the latest Spring XD GA release, or the release of your choice.

  2. Visit the Flo product page and download flo-spring-xd-admin-ui-client-[RELEASE_OF_YOUR_CHOICE].zip.

  3. Navigate to the XD_HOME/lib directory and back up your original spring-xd-admin-ui-client-[RELEASE].jar file.

  4. While still in the XD_HOME/lib directory, unzip flo-spring-xd-admin-ui-client-[RELEASE_OF_YOUR_CHOICE].zip to replace the existing spring-xd-admin-ui-client-[RELEASE].jar.

  5. Clear your browser cache.

  6. Access Flo for Spring XD at the following URI endpoints:

    • Main dashboard: http://HOST_NAME:PORT/admin-ui
    • Stream creation: http://HOST_NAME:PORT/admin-ui/#/streams/create
    • Health monitoring: http://HOST_NAME:PORT/admin-ui/#/streams/definitions
    • Module throughput rates are visible at http://HOST_NAME:PORT/admin-ui/#/streams/definitions.

Note: If unchanged, the default PORT points to 9393.

Note: To see throughput rates for modules, you must enable JMX in your Spring XD cluster. By default it is disabled.

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