Release Notes for Pivotal Spring Cloud Services

Release notes for Pivotal Spring Cloud Services


Release Date: 22nd January 2020

  • Further improved fix for rotating Certificate Authorities while maintaining certificate uniqueness in errand JVM truststore.


Release Date: 15th January 2020

  • A periodic parameter added to Config Server service instance configuration updates Git repository mirrors on the Config Server’s mirror service every five minutes.
  • Added tile configuration for the timeout used for pushing backing apps for a service instance.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a server error to appear on the Config Server dashboard when using the HashiCorp Vault backend.
  • Fixed use of the default label configured per Config Server Git repository for client app property requests.


Release Date: 25th November 2019

  • Fixed issue when rotating Certificate Authorities while maintaining certificate uniqueness in errand JVM truststore.


Release Date: 14th November 2019

  • Fixed CredHub bootstrapper errand so that it can update client credential permissions when re-running after tile install failure.


Release Date: 28th October 2019

  • Resolved issue with accessing service instance dashboard when Pivotal Application Service (PAS) tile is configured with “Authentication and Enterprise SSO” as SAML.


Release Date: 7th October 2019

Enhancements included in this release:

  • The Spring Cloud Services broker has been upgraded to Spring Boot 2.1.8.RELEASE and Spring Cloud Greenwich.SR3.
  • Service Registry service has been added back with a new name: p.service-registry.
  • The existing Service Registry configuration options have not changed although there is now a new option named peer-timeout that can be set in milliseconds. This can alleviate issues with peer replication timing out when there is higher latency in the network between peers.
  • There is now a process for doing backup and restore of Spring Cloud Services stateful resources.

Important items to note:

  • Spring Cloud Services v3.1.0 does not include Circuit Breaker Dashboard services. To use these services, you can install Spring Cloud Services v2.0.x alongside v3.1.0.

    Warning: You cannot upgrade to Ops Manager v2.7 if you are running Spring Cloud Services v2.0.x.

  • The Circuit Breaker Dashboard service will not return, as the underlying Netflix OSS Hystrix Dashboard project has been deprecated.