Upgrading Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu

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You can install Spring Cloud Services (SCS) v3.1 alongside the following earlier versions of SCS:

  • v2.1
  • v2.0

However, VMware recommends that you migrate all your service instances to Spring Cloud Services v3.1. After migration, you can remove any earlier versions of Spring Cloud Services.

WARNING: Spring Cloud Services (SCS) v2.x and v3.1 use the p-spring-cloud-services org to deploy service instance backing apps. Deleting v2.1.2 or earlier will delete this org, even if SCS v3.1 is installed. If you have installed SCS v3.1 alongside v2.x, do not delete SCS v2.x until upgrading it to >= v2.0.11 or >= v2.1.3. See Upgrading to SCS v3.1 and Removing SCS v2.x.

Service Changes

Spring Cloud Services v3.1 includes a new Service Registry service, named p.service-registry instead of p-service-registry as in earlier versions. It also includes a new Config Server service, named p.config-server instead of p-config-server as in earlier versions.

The p.config-server service can be offered alongside, but does not replace, earlier versions of Config Server. VMware recommends disabling the older p-config-server service after installing Spring Cloud Services 3.1 (which includes the p.config-server service).

For more information about running Spring Cloud Services v3.1 alongside earlier versions, see the Running Alongside Previous Versions section of Installing Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu.

Upgrading to SCS v3.1 and Removing SCS v2.x

Note: SCS v3.1 and later do not include p-circuit-breaker-dashboard. To retain this functionality, you must keep SCS v2.x installed.

If you are running SCS v3.0 or v3.1 alongside v2.x, you can complete the upgrade to v3.1 using the following procedure:

  1. Upgrade SCS v2.x to >= v2.0.11 or >= v2.1.3.
  2. Upgrade SCS v3.x to the latest version.
  3. Migrate all apps to bind to p.config-server service instances instead of p-config-server. For instructions, see Migrating Spring Cloud Services 2.x or 1.5 Service Instances.
  4. Migrate all apps to bind to p.service-registry service instances instead of p-service-registry. For more information, see Creating an Instance.
  5. Restage all migrated apps.
  6. Verify that all apps are behaving as expected before moving on to the next step.
  7. Delete the SCS v2.x tile.