Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints

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The Spring Cloud Config Server and Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka backing apps for Config Server and Service Registry service instances use Spring Boot Actuator. Actuator adds a number of endpoints to these apps, including the endpoints that are summarized below.

ID Function
health Displays information about the health and status of the app
info Displays selected information about the app

See the Endpoints section of the Actuator documentation for the full list of endpoints.

Config Server and Service Registry backing apps enable the Spring Boot Actuator health and info endpoints. See below for information about how to access these endpoints.

Locating the Service Instance URL

To obtain the URL of the service instance’s backing app, run the cf service command, giving the name of the service instance:

$ cf service my-config-server
Showing info of service my-config-server in org myorg / space dev as user...

name:            my-config-server
service:         p.config-server
plan:            standard
description:     Config Server
dashboard:       https://config-server-3007518e-302e-4e28-be3a-f516e7b2a4fe.apps.example.com/dashboard

Copy the URL given for dashboard, removing the /dashboard path. This is the URL of the service instance’s backing app. In the example above, this would be:


Accessing Endpoints

You can access an Actuator endpoint on a service instance by appending the path /actuator/ENDPOINT to the URL of the service instance’s backing app, where ENDPOINT is the ID of the endpoint. To view the output of the health endpoint, append /actuator/health to the backing app’s URL. The following example uses cURL to make a request of the endpoint:

$ curl https://config-server-a5782192-8036-4f57-8312-4756a2604240.apps.example.com/actuator/health

Given an unauthenticated request, the health endpoint displays only summary health information. With the cf CLI, you can use the cf oauth-token command to obtain an OAuth 2.0 token for use in making an authenticated request to this endpoint:

$ curl -H "Authorization: $(cf oauth-token)" https://config-server-a5782192-8036-4f57-8312-4756a2604240.apps.example.com/actuator/health