Upgrading Pivotal Spring Cloud Services

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Pivotal recommends that you upgrade to and migrate all your service instances to Spring Cloud Services v3.1.x.

After migration to SCS v3.1.x, you can remove any earlier versions of Spring Cloud Services.

For more information, see Upgrading Pivotal Spring Cloud Services.

Service Changes

Spring Cloud Services 3.0.x includes only the Config Server service. This service has a new name, p.config-server (instead of p-config-server as in earlier versions of Spring Cloud Services). This service can be offered alongside, but does not replace, earlier versions of Config Server. Pivotal recommends disabling the older p-config-server service after installing Spring Cloud Services 3.0.x (which includes the p.config-server service).

For more information about running Spring Cloud Services v3.0.x alongside earlier versions, see the Running Alongside Previous Versions section of Installing Pivotal Spring Cloud Services.