Pivotal Spring Cloud Services

What Is Spring Cloud Services?

Pivotal Spring Cloud Services packages the Spring Cloud Config Server and makes it available as a service in the PCF Marketplace.

Service Versions

Spring Cloud Services currently provides the following service.

Service Type Current Version
Config Server 30

See below for the Spring Cloud Services releases that include each service version.

Service Version Tile Version
10 1.5.x
20 2.0.x
30 3.0.x

Product Snapshot

Element Details
Version 3.0.0
Release Date 29 April 2019
Software Component Version Spring Cloud Greenwich.SR1
Compatible Ops Manager Version(s) 2.4.x and later
Compatible Pivotal Application Service Version(s) 2.4.x and later
Supported IaaS All supported by PCF


Pivotal Spring Cloud Services has the following requirements: