Spring Cloud Services v3.0

The Mirror Service


The Config Server service does not clone or pull updates from external Git repositories directly. Within a PCF foundation, a “mirror service” makes a full mirror of each Git repository (“R1”, “R2”, “R3”) used by a Config Server service instance. The Config Server service instance, in turn, clones repositories from this mirror rather than cloning from the external Git server directly.

Config server fig1

See below for more information about updating Config Server Git repository mirrors.

Refreshing Mirrors

You can update settings on a Config Server service instance using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tool (cf CLI). The cf update-service command can be given a -c flag with a JSON object containing parameters used to configure the service instance. This includes the update-git-repos parameter, which you can use to force the mirror service to pull all upstream Git repositories used by a Config Server service instance.

To force the mirror service to update all mirrors used by a Config Server serivice instance, run cf update-service SERVICE_NAME -c '{ "update-git-repos": true }', as in the following example:

$ cf update-service my-config-server -c '{"update-git-repos": true }'
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