Installing Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu

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Ensure that you have or have completed all items listed in Requirements. Then follow the below steps to install Spring Cloud Services.

Important: Spring Cloud Services requires MySQL for VMware Tanzu. Install it before installing Spring Cloud Services.

Installation Steps

  1. Download Spring Cloud Services from VMware Tanzu Network.

  2. In the Installation Dashboard of Ops Manager, click Import a Product on the left sidebar to upload the Spring Cloud Services .pivotal file.

  3. In the left sidebar, under Spring Cloud Services, click the + button next to the version number.

  4. When the Spring Cloud Services tile appears in the Installation Dashboard, click it. In the Settings tab, click Assign AZs and Networks.

    Azs and networks

    Select the availability zones for the tile to use. In the Network section, select the VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs network. When finished, click Save.

  5. Still in the Settings tab, click Spring Cloud Services to configure settings for Spring Cloud Services. For information about configuring these settings, see Tile Configuration Options.


    After configuring the settings, click Save.

  6. Return to the Installation Dashboard.

  7. If you are using Ops Manager v2.3 or later, click Review Pending Changes. For more information about this Ops Manager page, see Reviewing Pending Product Changes.

  8. Click Apply Changes to install the tile.