Service Instance Manager for PCF (Beta)

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Warning: Service Instance Manager for PCF is currently in beta and and might not receive long-term support.

This documentation describes the Service Instance Manager for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). Service Instance Manager enables operators to more easily manage large numbers of service instances.


Service Instance Manager gathers information about service instances from multiple cloud foundries through the CF API and presents this information in a web UI. From here, operators can view, filter, and delete service instances.

Key Features

Through Service Instance Manager, operators can:

  • View and filter service instances by foundation, org, space, service offering, status, service keys, service bindings, and bound apps
  • Delete service instances

Product Snapshot

The following table provides version and version-support information about Service Instance Manager.

Element Details
App version v0.3.0
Release date September 6, 2019
Compatible Ops Manager versions All
Compatible Pivotal Application Service (PAS) versions All
IaaS support All


Service Instance Manager has the following requirements:


Service Instance Manager has been tested with 2000 Cloud Foundry service instances across two Cloud Foundries. Higher numbers might impact the performance of Cloud Foundry due to the large number of requests made to the Cloud Controller.


If you have a feature request, questions, or information about an issue, please email Pivotal Cloud Foundry Feedback or send an email to Fleet Management.