Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes

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About Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes

The open-source Spring Cloud Gateway project is a library that can be used to create an API gateway to expose endpoints for application services written in any programming language as long as they use the HTTP protocol. It is built on Spring ecosystem projects, including Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, and Project Reactor. It provides an effective solution for routing diverse client requests to APIs and addresses cross-cutting concerns such as security, monitoring and metrics, and resiliency. For more information about the open-source project, see its documentation.

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes, based on the open-source project, automates the deployment of an API gateway service by applying YAML configuration objects to a Kubernetes cluster. To update API routes on a Gateway instance, application developers can apply YAML route configuration to the cluster.

Key Features

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes includes the following key features:

  • Polyglot supported routability for application services written in any language that wish expose HTTP endpoints on Gateway instances
  • Includes Kubernetes operator for handling API gateway custom resources applied to cluster and Kubernetes “native” experience
  • Commercial container images to manage, create and dynamically update API routes on instances
  • Dynamic application route configuration, enabling API route updates for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines
  • Gateway-defined Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration combined with commercial SSO route filters
  • Simplified OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration for each API gateway instance
  • Commercial API route filters for SSO authentication, role-based access control, scopes authorization, authorized token relay, client certificate authorization, rate limiting and circuit breaker
  • High availability configuration for setting count, memory, and vCPU of API gateway instances
  • Access to configure JVM performance optimizations for API gateway instance specific use cases
  • Local development and testing enabled to validate API route configurations before promoting to environments on way to production

For Operators

For information about installing and managing Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes, see the Operator Guide.

For Developers

For information about creating and managing Gateway instances and connecting them to client apps, see the Developer Guide.

Product Snapshot

The following table provides version and version-support information about Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes.

Element Details
1.0.3 Release Date October 25, 2021
Supported IaaS Kubernetes 1.17 - 1.22