Spring Cloud Data Flow v1.0

Prerequisites to Installing Spring Cloud® Data Flow for PCF

See below for information about the platform and product requirements which must be fulfilled before you install Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF.

Buildpack Requirements

Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF is built using Spring Boot 1.5, which requires version 3.8 or later of the Java Cloud Foundry buildpack. The default Java buildpack—the buildpack at the lowest position of all Java buildpacks—on your PCF installation must therefore be at version 3.8 or later.

You can use the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tool (cf CLI) to see the version of the Java buildpack that is currently installed.

$ cf buildpacks
Getting buildpacks...

buildpack                position   enabled   locked   filename
java_buildpack_offline   1          true      false
ruby_buildpack           2          true      false
nodejs_buildpack         3          true      false
go_buildpack             4          true      false

If the default Java buildpack is older than version 3.8, you can download a newer version from Pivotal Network and update Pivotal Cloud Foundry by following the instructions in the Managing Custom Buildpacks topic. To ensure that the newer buildpack is the default Java buildpack, you may delete or disable the older buildpack or make sure that the newer buildpack is in a lower position.

Service Requirements

Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF relies on three other services (the Pivotal products used by default are listed first):

If you wish to use the products listed above and they are not already installed, you can follow the steps listed in the Installation topic to install them along with Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF. If you do not wish to use these products as the backing services, you must provide your own alternative data services. For information about creating Spring Cloud Data Flow service instances which use alternative backing services, see the Using User-Provided Service Instances topic.

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