Pivotal Container Service v1.2

Scaling Existing Clusters

Follow the steps below to scale up an existing cluster using the PKS CLI.

Note: You cannot scale the number of worker nodes down. You can only scale the number of worker nodes up.

  1. On the command line, run the following command to log in:

    pks login -a PKS-API -u USERNAME -k
    See Log in to the PKS CLI for more information about the pks login command.

  2. Run the following command below to scale up your cluster. You cannot scale the number of worker nodes down.

    Note: This command may roll additional VMs in the cluster, affecting workloads if the worker nodes are at capacity. This issue will be resolved in a future release of PKS.

    pks resize CLUSTER-NAME --num-nodes WORKER-NODES
    Replace the placeholder values in the command as follows:

    • CLUSTER-NAME is the name of your cluster.
    • WORKER-NODES is the number of worker nodes for the cluster. The maximum number of worker nodes is 50. For example:
      $ pks resize my-cluster --num-nodes 5

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