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Installing Concourse Using Helm

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Perform the steps in this section to install Concourse using Helm.


Concourse requires privileged containers. You must deploy a cluster using a plan that allows privileged containers before installing the Concourse chart. For more information about configuring plans, see the Plans section of Installing PKS for your IaaS:

  1. Download the StorageClass spec for your cloud provider.

    • GCP:
      $ wget
    • vSphere:
      $ wget
  2. Apply the spec by running kubectl create -f STORAGE-CLASS-SPEC.yml. Replace STORAGE-CLASS-SPEC with the name of the file you downloaded in the previous step. For example:

    $ kubectl create -f storage-class-gcp.yml

  3. Install the Concourse Helm chart by running helm install stable/concourse with the following options:

    • --name APP-NAME: (Optional) Replace APP-NAME with a name you provide for the installed chart.
    • --set persistence.worker.storageClass=STORAGE-CLASS: Replace STORAGE-CLASS with your StorageClass to apply the spec to the Concourse worker persistent volumes.
    • --set postgresql.persistence.storageClass=STORAGE-CLASS: Replace STORAGE-CLASS with your StorageClass to apply the spec to the PostgreSQL database persistent volumes.

    For example:

    $ helm install --name my-concourse --set persistence.worker.storageClass=ci-storage,postgresql.persistence.storageClass=ci-storage stable/concourse

  4. Forward the port number so that you can access Concourse from localhost. By default, the Concourse chart does not expose services outside the cluster.

    1. Export the pod name as an environment variable. For example:
      $ export POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods --namespace default -l "app=concourse-web" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")
    2. Forward the port number by running the following command:
      $ kubectl port-forward --namespace default $POD_NAME 8080:8080
  5. Navigate to in your browser to access Concourse. Use the default credentials to log in.

  6. Log in to your Concourse instance from the command line by running fly -t MY-CONCOURSE login -c For example:

    $ fly -t ci-helm login -c

For more configuration options, see the Concourse Helm chart documentation.

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