Pivotal Container Service v1.1

Deploying Ops Manager on vSphere

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This topic provides instructions for deploying Ops Manager to VMware vSphere.

  1. Before starting, refer to the known issues in the PCF Ops Manager Release v2.1 Release Notes.
  2. Download the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Ops Manager .ova file at Pivotal Network. Click the Pivotal Cloud Foundry region to access the PCF product page. Use the dropdown menu to select an Ops Manager release.

    Vm ops man

  3. Log into vCenter.

  4. Select the VM and Templates view.

    Vm template view

  5. Right click on your datacenter and select New Folder.

    New folder

  6. Name the folder pivotal_cf and select it.

    Folder name

  7. Select File > Deploy OVF Template.

    Deploy ova

  8. Select the .ova file and click Next.


  9. Review the product details and click Next.

  10. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

  11. Name the virtual machine and click Next.

    Vm name

    Note: The selected folder is the one you created.

  12. Select a vSphere cluster and click Next.

    Anchovy cluster

  13. If prompted, select a resource pool and click Next.

  14. If prompted, select a host and click Next.

    Note: If your vSphere host does not support VT-X/EPT, you must disable hardware virtualization. For more information, see PCF on vSphere Requirements.


  15. Select a storage destination and click Next.


  16. Select a disk format and click Next. For more information about disk formats, see Provisioning a Virtual Disk in vSphere.

    Warning: Ops Manager v2.1 requires a Director VM with at least 8 GB memory.

    Disk format

  17. Select a network from the drop down list and click Next.


  18. Enter network information and passwords for the Ops Manager VM admin user.

    Vm admin

    Note: Record this network information. The IP Address will be the location of the Ops Manager interface.

  19. In the Admin Password field, enter a default password for the ubuntu user. If you do not enter a default password, your Ops Manager will not boot up.

    Admin login

  20. Click Next.

  21. Check the Power on after deployment checkbox and click Finish. Once the VM boots, the interface is available at the IP address you specified.

    Note: It is normal to experience a brief delay before the interface is accessible while the web server and VM start up.

  22. Create a DNS entry for the IP address that you used for Ops Manager. You must use this fully qualified domain name when you log into Ops Manager in Installing Pivotal Cloud Foundry on vSphere.

Note: Ops Manager security features require you to create a fully qualified domain name to access Ops Manager during the initial configuration. For more information, see PCF on vSphere Requirements.

Next Steps

After you complete this procedure, follow the instructions in Configuring Ops Manager on vSphere.

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