Pivotal Container Service v1.1

Diagnostic Tools

Verify PKS CLI Version

The Pivotal Container Service (PKS) CLI interacts with the your PKS deployment through the PKS API endpoint. You create, manage, and delete Kubernetes clusters on your PKS deployment by entering commands in the PKS CLI. The PKS CLI is under active development and commands may change between versions.

Run pks --version to determine the version of PKS CLI installed locally. For example:

$ pks --version
PKS CLI version: 1.0.0-build.3

View Log Files

Log files contain error messages and other information you can use to diagnose issues with your PKS deployment. Follow the steps below to access PKS log files.

  1. Gather credential and IP address information for your BOSH Director, SSH into the Ops Manager VM, and use BOSH CLI v2+ to log in to the BOSH Director from the Ops Manager VM. For more information, see Advanced Troubleshooting with the BOSH CLI.

  2. After logging in to the BOSH Director, identify the name of your PKS deployment. For example:

    $ bosh -e pks deployments
    Your PKS deployment name begins with pivotal-container-service and includes a BOSH-generated hash.

  3. On a command line, run bosh -e pks -d YOUR-DEPLOYMENT-NAME vms to list the virtual machines (VMs) in your PKS deployment. For example:

    $ bosh -e pks -d pivotal-container-service-aa1234567bc8de9f0a1c vms

  4. Run bosh -e pks -d YOUR-DEPLOYMENT-NAME ssh VM-NAME/GUID to ssh into a PKS VM.

    • To access logs on the master VM, replace VM-NAME/GUID with the name of the PKS master VM, and GUID with the GUID of the master VM.
    • To access logs on a worker VM, replace VM-NAME/GUID with the name of a PKS worker VM, and GUID with the GUID of the same worker VM.
  5. Run sudo su to act as super user on the PKS VM.

  6. Navigate to /var/vcap/sys/log on the PKS VM:

    $ cd /var/vcap/sys/log

  7. Examine the following file:

    • On the PKS master VM, examine the kube-apiserver log file.
    • On a PKS worker VM, examine the kubelet log file.

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