Pivotal Container Service v1.1

Retrieving Cluster Credentials and Configuration

This topic describes how to use the pks get-credentials command in Pivotal Container Service (PKS) using the PKS Command Line Interface (CLI).

The pks get-credentials command performs the following actions:

  • Fetch the cluster’s kubeconfig
  • Add the cluster’s kubeconfig to the existing kubeconfig
  • Create a new kubeconfig, if none exists
  • Switch the context to the CLUSTER-NAME provided

When you run pks get-credentials CLUSTER-NAME, PKS sets the context to the cluster you provide as the CLUSTER-NAME. PKS binds your username to the cluster and populates the kubeconfig file on your local workstation with cluster credentials and configuration.

The default path for your kubeconfig is $HOME/.kube/config.

If you access multiple clusters, you can choose to use a custom kubeconfig file for each cluster. To save cluster credentials to a custom kubeconfig, use the KUBECONFIG environment variable when you run pks get-credentials. For example:

$ KUBECONFIG=/path/to/my-cluster.config pks get-credentials my-cluster

Retrieve Cluster Credentials

Perform the following steps to populate your local kubeconfig with cluster credentials and configuration:

  1. On the command line, run the following command to log in:

    pks login -a PKS-API -u USERNAME -k
    For more information about the pks login command, see the Log in to the PKS CLI section of Installing the PKS CLI.

  2. Run the following command:

    pks get-credentials CLUSTER-NAME
    Replace CLUSTER-NAME with the unique name for your cluster. For example:
    $ pks get-credentials my-cluster

Run kubectl Commands

After PKS populates your kubeconfig, you can use the Kubernetes Command Line Interface (kubectl) to run commands against your Kubernetes clusters.

See Installing the Kubernetes CLI for information about installing kubectl.

For information about using kubectl, refer to the Kubernetes documentation.

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