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Install BOSH Backup and Restore

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This topic describes how to install BOSH Backup and Restore (BBR).

You install the bbr binary on a jumpbox, and then run bbr from the jumpbox to back up and restore your PKS deployment.

Step 1: Set Up Your Jumpbox

Set up your jumpbox with the following settings:

  • The jumpbox must be able to communicate with the network that contains your PKS deployment. You can use the Ops Manager VM as your jumpbox.
  • The jumpbox must have sufficient space for the backup.
  • BBR connects to the VMs at their private IP address, so the jumpbox needs to be in the same network as the deployed VMs. BBR does not support SSH gateways.
  • BBR copies the backed-up data from the VMs to the jumpbox, so ensure you have minimal network latency between them to reduce transfer times.

Note: BBR uses SSH to orchestrate the backup of your PKS instances using port 22 by default.

Step 2: Transfer BBR to Your Jumpbox

Perform the following steps to transfer the bbr binary to your jumpbox:

  1. Download the latest BBR release.
  2. Change the permissions of bbr in order to make it executable:
    $ chmod a+x bbr
  3. SCP the binary to your jumpbox:
    If your jumpbox has access to the internet, you can also SSH into your jumpbox and use wget:
    $ wget BBR_RELEASE_URL
    $ chmod a+x bbr

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