Pivotal Container Service v1.0

GCP Prerequisites and Resource Requirements

This topic describes the prerequisites and resource requirements for installing Pivotal Container Service (PKS) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

To install PKS GCP, you must have a GCP environment with Ops Manager v2.0 deployed.

Consult the following table for compatibility information:

IaaS Ops Manager v2.0 NSX-T Harbor
vSphere Required Available Available
GCP Required Not Available Not Available

General PKS Prerequisites

  • Ops Manager v2.0

    Note: If you have Pivotal Application Service (PAS) installed, Pivotal recommends installing PKS on a separate instance of Ops Manager v2.0. This improves the security of your PAS deployment by ensuring that only PKS-related infrastructure credentials are stored in PKS. Running PKS on a separate instance of Ops Manager v2.0 helps protect your non-PKS infrastructure credentials and prevent their exposure through PKS. For more information about the infrastructure credentials specified in the PKS tile, see the Kubernetes Cloud Provider section of the Installing and Configuring PKS topic.

  • Kubernetes CLI
  • (Optional) An external TCP or HTTPS load balancer to access the PKS API
  • An external TCP or HTTPS load balancer for each created cluster
  • Two or more Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for Ops Manager and the PKS service network

Resource Requirements

Installing PKS deploys the following two virtual machines (VMs):

VM CPU RAM Storage
Pivotal Container Service 1 4 GB 20 GB
Pivotal Ops Manager 1 8 GB 160 GB

Each Kubernetes cluster provisioned through PKS deploys the VMs listed below. If you deploy more than one Kubernetes cluster, you must scale your allocated resources appropriately.

VM Name Number CPU Cores RAM Ephemeral Disk Persistent Disk
master 1 2 4 GB 8 GB 5 GB
worker 1 2 4 GB 8 GB 10 GB

Installing PKS on GCP

To install PKS on GCP, follow the procedures below:

  1. Preparing to Deploy PKS on GCP
  2. Deploying Ops Manager to GCP
  3. Configuring Ops Manager Director on GCP
  4. Installing and Configuring PKS on GCP
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