Stemcell Release Notes

This topic provides links to release notes for stemcells that are currently being used with Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Before you upgrade PCF, always verify that any tiles that you have installed, either from Pivotal or a partner, are compatible with the version of PCF you are deploying and its supported stemcells. For more information on checking PCF and stemcell compatibility, see Tile Compatibility in the Upgrade Checklist.

To find out which stemcell version is used by a product tile version, check the release notes or the Pivotal Network download page for the tile.

Ubuntu Trusty Stemcells

Note: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty) stemcells are reaching end-of-support in April 2019. Starting in September 2018, Pivotal and its partners will begin releasing product tiles for PCF that support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) stemcells instead. Using supported stemcells is necessary to avoid exposure to security vulnerabilities.

The following Ubuntu Trusty stemcell lines are used with PCF tiles.

Stemcell Line Release Notes Link
3586 Release Notes
3541 Release Notes
3469 Release Notes
3468 Release Notes
3445 Release Notes
3421 Release Notes
3363 Release Notes
3312 Release Notes
3309 Release Notes
3308 Release Notes
3306 Release Notes
3263 Release Notes
3262 Release Notes
3233 Release Notes
3232 Release Notes

Ubuntu Xenial Stemcells

The following Ubuntu Xenial stemcell lines are used with PCF tiles.

Stemcell Line Release Notes Link
250 Release Notes
170 Release Notes
97 Release Notes
87 Release Notes
81 Release Notes
60 Release Notes
50 Release Notes
40 Release Notes

Windows Stemcells

The following stemcell lines are used with PCF Runtime for Windows and Pivotal Application Service (PAS) Windows.

Stemcell Line Stemcell Type Related PCF Version Stemcell Release Notes
2019 Windows Server version 2019 PAS for Windows v2.5 and later Release Notes
1803 Windows Server version 1803 PAS for Windows v2.3 and v2.4 Release Notes
1709 Windows Server version 1709 PAS for Windows v2.1 and v2.2 Release Notes
1200 Windows 2012 R2 PCF Runtime for Windows v1.9.1, v1.10, v1.11, v1.12; PAS for Windows v2.0, and v2.1 Release Notes
1079 Windows 2012 R2 PCF Runtime for Windows v1.9.1, v1.10, and v1.11 Release Notes
1056 Windows 2012 R2 PCF Runtime for Windows v1.9.1 and v1.10 Release Notes
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