Redis for Pivotal Platform Security

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To allow this service to have network access you must create app security groups (ASGs). For more information, see Networks, Security, and Assigning AZs.

Pivotal recommends the following best practices for security:

  • Run Redis for Pivotal Platform in its own network. For more information, see Creating Networks in Ops Manager.

  • Use Redis for Pivotal Platform with the IPsec Add-on for PCF. For information about the IPsec Add-on for PCF, see Securing Data in Transit with the IPsec Add-on.

  • Do not use a single Redis for Pivotal Platform instance for multi-tenancy. A single Redis instance of the On-Demand service should only support a single workload.

  • Do not use the Shared-VM service for production use cases. It is not considered adequately secure for that purpose, even though it is designed for multi-tenancy.

  • Set TLS to Optional and encourage app developers to make use of the TLS port. For more information, see Using TLS.