Sample Redis Configuration

Warning: Redis v2.2 is no longer supported because it has reached the End of General Support (EOGS) phase as defined by the Support Lifecycle Policy. To stay up to date with the latest software and security updates, upgrade to a supported version.

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The following is the default redis.conf file from an on-demand plan instance:

daemonize yes
pidfile /var/vcap/sys/run/
port 6379
requirepass 1a1a2bb0-0ccc-222a-444b-1e1e1e1e2222

# Logging
logfile /var/vcap/sys/log/redis/redis.log
syslog-enabled yes
syslog-ident redis-server
syslog-facility local0

# Persistance
dbfilename dump.rdb
dir /var/vcap/store/redis
appendonly no
appendfilename appendonly.aof
save 900 1
save 300 10
save 60 10000

# Arbitrary Parameters
maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru
slowlog-log-slower-than 10000
slowlog-max-len 128
notify-keyspace-events ""

# Plan Properties:
timeout 3600s
tcp-keepalive 60
maxclients 10000
rename-command EVAL "EVAL"
rename-command EVALSHA "EVALSHA"

# Command Masking
rename-command CONFIG "A-B-Ab1AZec_-AaC1A2bAbB22a_a1Baa"
rename-command SAVE "SAVE"
rename-command BGSAVE "BGSAVE"
rename-command DEBUG ""
rename-command SHUTDOWN ""
rename-command SLAVEOF ""
rename-command SYNC ""
maxmemory 1775550873