Redis for PCF Security

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Pivotal recommends the following best practices for security:

  • (Required) To allow this service to have network access you must create Application Security Groups. For more information, see Networks, Security, and Assigning AZs.

  • Run Redis for PCF in its own network. For more information about creating service networks, see Creating Networks in Ops Manager.

  • You can use Redis for PCF with the IPsec Add-on for PCF. For information about the IPsec Add-on for PCF, see Securing Data in Transit with the IPsec Add-on.

  • Do not use a single Redis for PCF instance for multi-tenancy. A single Redis instance of the On-Demand service should only support a single workload.

  • The Shared-VM service is designed for multi-tenancy, but you should not use it for production use cases because it is not considered adequately secure for that purpose.