Redis for PCF v1.7

Troubleshooting Redis for PCF

This topic lists troubleshooting information relevant to Redis for PCF.

Troubleshooting Guides for PCF

General troubleshooting guides for Pivotal Cloud Foundry:

Knowledge Base Articles

Pivotal Knowledge Base articles specifically about Redis for PCF:

Other Issues

Error Cannot generate manifest for product Redis: Error in (( .properties.metrics_disable_etcd_tls.value ? .properties.null_string.value : )): unknown property "cf_etcd_client_cert" (Product "Redis" / Job: nil)
Cause You are using PCF 1.10 and did not untick the `Use non-secure communication for metrics` checkbox on the metrics configuration page in Ops Manager.
Solution Please untick the checkbox and redeploy. See here for more information.
Error Failed to target Cloud Foundry
Cause Your Pivotal Cloud Foundry is unresponsive
Solution Examine the detailed error message in the logs and check the PCF Troubleshooting Guide for advice
Error Failed to bind Redis service instance to test app
Cause Your deployment’s broker has not been registered with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Solution Examine the broker-registrar installation step output and troubleshoot any problems.

Useful Debugging Information

If you encounter an issue, here is a list of useful information to gather, especially before you perform any destructive operations such as cf purge-service-offerings or bosh delete deployment.

  • PCF Redis version
  • Previous PCF Redis version if upgrading
  • Ops Manager version, and previous if upgrading Ops Manager
  • IaaS description

From OpsManager:

  • The installation logs
  • A copy of all files in /var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments

For all VMs, unless specified otherwise:

  • Copy of /var/vcap/sys/log (particularly the broker)
  • If unable to get logs from disk, logs from a forwarded endpoint
  • monit summary
  • Full ps aux - Has monit done its job?
  • ps aux | grep redis-serve[r] - Are Redis instances running?
  • df -h - disk usage
  • free -m - memory usage
  • cf m
  • tree /var/vcap/store/cf-redis-broker/redis-data (broker only)
  • Copy of /var/vcap/store/cf-redis-broker/statefile.json (broker only)
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