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Release Date: October 10, 2017


  • Includes metrics for the on-demand service. This enables operators to monitor the health of their Redis instances.

  • Introduces a new format for on-demand metrics. This is the standard format for all services and will eventually replace other formats.

  • Uses a new release for syslog that allows the operator to configure the log format to be either the pre-existing one or RFC5424. RFC5424 is the standard format for PCF services. The previous format will eventually be deprecated.

  • Enables TLS encryption for syslog forwarding.

  • Lua Scripting defaults to off for all on-demand service plans. Pivotal’s security recommendation is to keep Lua Scripting as off.

  • Allows the operator to opt-out of the on-demand service without configuring on-demand plans.


Component Version
Stemcell 3445.11+
PCF v1.11.x and v1.12.x
cf-redis-release v431.0.0
on-demand-service-broker v0.17.0
consul v178.0.0
routing v0.162.0
service-metrics v1.5.7
service-backup v18.1.0
syslog-migration v9.0.0
loggregator v97.0.0
Redis OSS v3.2.8

Known Issues

  • lua-timeout-limit, a Redis configuration that is exposed to app developers through arbitrary parameters, does not have any effect due to a bug in Redis v3.2.8.

  • The redis-odb service broker listens on 12345. This is inconsistent with other services.

  • The When Changed option for errands has unexpected behavior in what changes trigger the errand. Do not select this option for errands.

  • Logs for service-backup and service-metrics releases are truncated when syslog is not configured.

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