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This is documentation for Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). You can download the Redis for PCF tile from Pivotal Network.

This documentation:

  • Describes the features and architecture of Redis for PCF.
  • Instructs the PCF operator on how to install, configure, maintain, and backup Redis for PCF.
  • Instructs the app developer on how to choose a service plan, create and delete Redis service instances, and bind an app.

Product Snapshot

Element Details
Version v1.10.0
Release date October 10, 2017
Software component version Redis OSS v3.2.8
Compatible Ops Manager version(s) v1.11.0 and v1.12.0
Compatible Elastic Runtime version(s) v1.11.0 and v1.12.0
IaaS support AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, and vSphere
IPsec support Yes

About Redis

Redis is an easy to use, high speed key-value store that can be used as a database, cache, and message broker. It supports a range of data structures including strings, lists, hashes, sets, bitmaps, hyperloglogs, and geospatial indexes. It is easy to install and configure and is popular with engineers as a straightforward NoSQL data store. It is used for everything from a quick way to store data for development and testing through to enterprise-scale apps like Twitter.

About Redis for PCF

Redis for PCF packages Redis for easy deployment and operability on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). Redis for PCF can be used as a datastore or cache. Metrics and logging enable operators to monitor Redis health. Operators can configure scheduled backups to a variety of destinations. There are manual backup and restore scripts for individual service instances. New features are regularly introduced. Upgrading Redis for PCF is straightforward and preserves configuration and data.

On-Demand Service

Redis for PCF v1.8 and later includes on-demand provisioning of Redis instances based on the On-Demand Services SDK. This enables an app developer to create a Redis instance as needed from the CF CLI through the cf create-service command. The operator configures the plan options available to the app developers.

For more information, see On-Demand Service Offering.

Dedicated-VM and Shared-VM Services

Redis for PCF still offers Dedicated-VM and Shared-VM plans. With these plans, an operator specifies at install time how many dedicated VM Redis instances to create.

For more information about the dedicated-VM and shared-VM service, see Dedicated-VM and Shared-VM Service Offerings.

Support for Multiple AZs

Redis for PCF supports configuring multiple AZs. However, assigning multiple AZs to Redis jobs does not guarantee high availability.

  • On-Demand plans can be assigned to any of the configured availability zones. However, each instance still operates as a single node with no clustering.
  • Shared-VM instances run on a single node in just one of the configured availability zones and are therefore not highly available.
  • Dedicated-VM instances can be assigned to any of the configured availability zones. However, each instance still operates as a single node with no clustering. This separation over availability zones provides no high availability.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

For information on how to upgrade and the supported upgrade paths, see Upgrading Redis for PCF.

Enterprise-Ready Checklist

Review the following table to determine if Redis for PCF has the features needed to support your enterprise.

Plans and InstancesMore Information
On-Demand and Pre-Provisioned PlansRedis for PCF provides on-demand, and pre-provisioned dedicated-VM and shared-VM service plans.On-Demand Plans
Pre-provisioned Plans
Customizable PlansFor the On-Demand Plan and Dedicated-VM plan, the operator can customize the VM and disk size.Configuring
Installation and UpgradesMore Information
Product UpgradesRedis for PCF can be upgraded from v1.7 tiles Upgrading Redis for PCF
Deployment Smoke TestsRedis for PCF installation and upgrade runs a post deployment BOSH errand that validates basic Redis operations Smoke Tests
Maintenance and BackupsMore Information
Operational Monitoring and LoggingRedis for PCF metrics for monitoring On-Demand plan usage and quotas and syslog redirection to external log ingestors. Monitoring Redis for PCF
Backup and RestoreRedis for PCF includes automatic backups on a configurable schedule to a variety of destinations for Dedicated-VM and Shared-VM plans, as well as scripts for backup and restore of service instances. The On-Demand plan does not offer this. Manual Backup and Restore of Redis for PCF
Scale and AvailabilityMore Information
ScaleRedis for PCF has been tested with 60 GB of data
On-Demand PlanRedis for PCF provides up to 50 on-demand instances across plans
Ability to Scale Up / DownOperators can scale VMs up, but not downConfiguring
Rolling DeploymentsRedis for PCF does not support rolling deployments because it is single node; the service is unavailable during upgrades.Upgrades
AZ SupportAssigning multiple AZs to Redis jobs does not guarantee high availability. About Multiple AZs in Redis for PCF
EncryptionMore Information
Encrypted Communication in TransitRedis for PCF has been tested successfully with the BOSH IPsec Add-on Securing Data in Transit with the IPsec Add-on

More Information

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