Turning Off the Pre-Provisioned Service

Note: Pivotal Platform is now part of VMware Tanzu. In v1.20 and later, VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ [VMs] is named VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ for VMs.

This topic provides instructions on how to turn off the pre-provisioned service. If you are not planning to use the pre-provisioned service, disable it. Disabling the pre-provisioned service broker means that no instances for the pre-provisioned service will be deployed. This, in turn, saves money.

Note: Previous deprecation warnings for the pre-provisioned service are no longer in effect. VMware continues to support the pre-provisioned service.

Disable the Pre-Provisioned Service Manually

To turn off the pre-provisioned service manually, do the following:

  1. If you are upgrading to VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ for VMs v1.14, or have previously configured the pre-provisioned service, de-register the pre-provisioned service broker by running the following command:

    bosh -d p-rabbitmq-GUID run-errand broker-deregistrar

    Where is GUID is the Tanzu RabbitMQ deployment GUID.

    For example:

    $ bosh -d p-rabbitmq-aeaea3ac-aba5-a6a4-afa7-aba8a0a7a0a9 run-errand broker-deregistrar

    The broker-deregistrar errand removes the p-rabbitmq service offering from the Marketplace.

  2. From the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, click the Tanzu RabbitMQ tile.

  3. In the Tanzu RabbitMQ tile, click Settings.

  4. Click Pre-Provisioned RabbitMQ, and click No under the Deploy Pre-Provisioned service offering.

    Screenshot of the pre-provisioned rabbitmq pane with yes no radio buttons for 'deploy pre-provisioned service offering'. No is selected.

  5. Click Save, and then return to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard.

  6. Click Review Pending Changes. For more information about this Ops Manager page, see Reviewing Pending Product Changes.

  7. Click Apply Changes to redeploy and disable the pre-provisioned service.

Disable the Pre-Provisioned Service Using Automation

You can turn off the pre-provisioned service if you are using automation such as scripts or pipelines to configure the Tanzu RabbitMQ tile.

To do this, set the .properties.multitenant_support property to disabled. For more information about properties, see Configure a Product in the Ops Manager documentation. When you make this change, Ops Manager automatically sets instance counts to 0.

WARNING: For instance groups related to the pre-provisioned service, such as rabbitmq-server, rabbitmq-broker, rabbitmq-haproxy, if you modify instance counts to a non-zero value, BOSH fails to deploy the tile. Although the fields are inactive in the UI, this does not prevent you from overwriting instance counts through the API. Only set instance counts to 0 or do not set them at all.