Controlling Access to Service Plans
by Org

Note: Pivotal Platform is now part of VMware Tanzu. In v1.20 and later, VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ [VMs] is named VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ for VMs.

If you want to restrict access to a service plan to a specific org, follow the instructions below.

You can also limit the number of service instances by setting quotas—for instructions, see Setting Limits for On-Demand Instances.

Change Access to Service Plans

Note: If the plan you are restricting is currently enabled for all orgs, you must first Disable Service Access for the plan, then grant access to the plan to specific orgs. Use the CF Service Access field to disable access in the service plan configuration.

To restrict access to a plan for a specific org, run this command:

cf enable-service-access p.rabbitmq -p PLAN_NAME -o ORG_NAME

For example:

  $ cf enable-service-access p.rabbitmq -p my-cluster-plan -o my-dev-org

For more information about the above command, see Access Control.