Push Notification Services v1.9

Geofence Walkthrough

Modern mobile devices can track numerous geofences, each of which are defined by a lat/long pair and a radius. Whenever the device enters or exits the boundries of a geofence, a notification can be triggered. The triggering of a notification is not dependant on the device having an Internet/Data connection.

Step 1

Complete the steps from the First Push Walkthrough guide. (Setup an application, platform(s) and devices).

Step 2

Click Locations on the left sidebar and then click the Add Location button.

Step 3

Fill in the Name of the location. You may type in a Latitude and Longitude pair, or simply click on the map. Select a radius that suits the location. Once all the details are set, click the Create button.

Create a few more locations.

Step 4

Click on the Location Group tab, and then on the Add Location Group button.

Step 5

Fill in the Name and Description of the Location Group. In the Target Location field, select a location from the drop-down or click on one of the markers on the map. Once all the details are set, click the Create button.

Step 6

Click on Push Notifications on the left sidebar, and then on the Create Push Notification button.

Step 7

Fill in the details of the Push Notification, such as Message, Platform, and Schedule. Select from the Target Location drop-down either a Location or a Location Group. Trigger Type field will appear upon the addition of Location/Location Group. Select either Enter or Exit, depending on how you want the Geofence to activate. Once all the details are set, click the Send Push Notification button.

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