Uninstalling PFS

This topic describes how to uninstall Pivotal Function Service (PFS).


  • duffle has been downloaded and installed.
  • Access to duffle claims on the machine from which pfs was installed (usually in the ~/.duffle/claims/ directory), and to the relocation mapping file created during image relocation.

Delete riff and Knative resources

Run the following commands to delete any riff and/or Knative resources that exist in the cluster.

# remove any riff resources
kubectl delete riff --all-namespaces --all

# remove any Knative resources
kubectl delete knative --all-namespaces --all

List the claims

duffle claims list
NAME    BUNDLE  INSTALLED                               LAST ACTION LAST STATUS
my-pfs  pfs     2019-09-17 18:56:14.699651 +0100 BST    install     success

Configure environment variables

Ensure that the SERVICE_ACCOUNT and KUBE_NAMESPACE environment variables are set.

export SERVICE_ACCOUNT=duffle-runtime
export KUBE_NAMESPACE=duffle

Run duffle uninstall

Change to the directory with the relocation mapping file and run duffle uninstall passing the claim, the relocation mapping file, and the driver (k8s).

duffle uninstall my-pfs --relocation-mapping pfs-relmap.json  --driver k8s
Executing uninstall action...
time="2019-09-17T18:00:45Z" level=info msg="uninstalling my-pfs...\n"
time="2019-09-17T18:01:13Z" level=info msg="uninstalling bundle manifest from cluster"