Download PFS from Pivotal Network

Download files

Download three files from the PFS page on Pivotal Network and move them into a convenient directory.

  • The PFS thick bundle for installation into kubernetes.
  • The pfs CLI matching your desktop operating system.
  • The duffle CLI matching your desktop operating system.
See Using a jumpbox below, for hosted installs when your workstation is on a slow network.

Change to the directory with the downloaded files and rename the thick bundle pfs-bundle-thick.tgz

Install the pfs and duffle CLI

Rename the pfs and duffle CLI downloads to pfs and duffle, make them executable, and move them to a directory on your path. Windows executable filenames should end with .exe.

Confirm that pfs and duffle are working.

pfs --version
pfs version 0.4.0 (7f0aec29f438b6c4ae46f51c5328c19f22192a76)


duffle version

Using a Jumpbox

The download and relocation tasks move a large amount of data, so using a “jumpbox” may be helpful when bandwidth is limited and the cluster is remote.

The pivnet CLI provides a way to download files from Pivotal Network using a terminal. The actual command can be found by clicking on the “Info” icon next to the file you want to download.

To relocate images and then install PFS from the jumpbox, you will need to install the CLI files above, as well as kubectl and the pks CLI.

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