CNAB and Registries

Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB)

This release of PFS is distributed as a Cloud Native Application Bundle and is installed using a CNAB runtime. For a definition of these terms and more information on CNAB, see the CNAB specification. PFS is packaged as a so-called thick bundle which:

  • Includes all container images
  • Can be used to install PFS by pulling images relocated to a private registry. This is useful for airgapped installs.

The thick bundle includes:

  • A bundle manifest
  • Kubernetes configuration files
  • Binary images

Image Relocation

As part of installing PFS from a thick bundle, the images are pushed to your own registry, and a relocation mapping file created which PFS will use to modify its Kubernetes configuration files to refer to the images in your registry.

The following diagram shows the sequence of events.

Relocated images are stored in a (private) registry and then used to install PFS

You can find out how to relocate images in Relocate Container Images.